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Meeting Date: 12/6/2018 - 5:00 PM
Category: Board Response to Written Reports
Type: Info
Subject: 10.2 Annual Special Education Student Count - Dr. Kendra King
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2018 Annual Special Education Student Count_December 6, 2018 SB Meeting.pdf
Summary: Dr. Kendra King, Director of Student Services and Achievement, and Dr. Katrina Lee, Supervisor of Special Education, prepared the Annual Special Education Student Count report for Board information.

Annually, the number of Students with Disabilities is completed and submitted to the Department of Education on December. The count of students on that date is a primary factor in determining the funding for special education in future years.

Attached are 3 reports regarding counts for Students with Disabilities for 2018-19 and previous years:

1. Counts by Disability Category
2. Counts by Disability Served in the school division
3. Counts by Disability Served outside of school division (only disability categories affecting class size are included)
4. Counts by Disability Served by school
5. Counts by Disability Served by outside of school division site
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Recommendation: The Superintendent recommends the Board receive the report.
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Dr. Rosa Atkins - Superintendent